Take back your Internet and join the movement to secure Internet connections across the globe!

Take Back Your Internet

Our mission is to preserve an open and free Internet and help Internet users protect their online privacy, security and freedom. Please read our Vision Paper to learn more about our vision for an Open Internet.

Golden Frog strives for quality, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Quality. Innovation. Iteration.

Every day is different here at Golden Frog. We are constantly developing and improving products, features, and services. We're never satisfied with the status quo.

Golden Frog offers premium products built on quality and excellence.

Premium Products

We take pride in the quality of our products. We built our business on a foundation of quality and excellence, and our customers love us for it.

Golden Frog has customers across the globe in over 195 countries!


Our passion for privacy, security and freedom doesn't stop at any country's border. Our impact is global with customers in 195+ countries accessing our services every day. Our teams are now crossing borders and taking on a global life too.

Our team has been built by experienced Internet veterans who are eager to share their knowledge!

Internet Veterans

Our team has decades of experience working together building premium, online services and products. We aren't stopping anytime soon.

Golden frog is completely self-funded with no outside venture capital or private equity.

Control Over Our Destiny

As a self-funded organization with no outside venture capital or private equity, we are "built-to-grow" and not "built-to-flip." Over two decades of operation we've never had layoffs, and we are dedicated to a healthy work-life balance for everybody.

Read Our Vision Paper

Big Business at a Small Company

As we continue to grow, we're committed to retaining a small-company, "start-up" feel where employees gain responsibility quickly in a high-energy environment while still having access to the best technology and tools. Our CEOs and executive team are always available to everyone that works with us.

You Don't Have to Be Here to Work Here

We work with the best talent from across the globe and we offer "remote" positions within select departments. To maintain a global brand providing high quality services to customers in 195+ countries, we must collaborate and work with the best globally.

Collaboration Across Departments

We operate in a horizontal organizational structure where there are fewer levels between executives and non-executives. A lack of rigid departmental barriers allows for better product development and collaboration between employees in all areas of the company.

Grow with the Golden Frog team and learn valuable skills that will help propel your career.

Opportunity to Grow with Us

At Golden Frog, career growth is not only possible but highly encouraged. Many of our employees began in entry-level positions and have grown into managers and tenured executives. We have many employees who have worked with our founders for 20+ years and have been with Golden Frog since inception.

Actively Involved in the Tech Community

We actively participate in the tech community with events at SXSW and other tech conferences. We regularly host Hack-a-thons, industry panels and other tech events around the globe.

Help Fight for the Internet

Members of our team are on the front-lines fighting for Internet freedom and privacy by contributing to legislation, political hearings and more.

Meet Our Teams

  • Software Development

    Golden Frog is a full cycle, in-house software development organization. We have mobile teams (Android and iOS), desktop teams (Windows, Mac and Linux) and backend services teams. QA is a integral part of our development process with dedicated QA engineers. Our own "skunk works" R&D development keeps us on the edge, adapting to the changing needs of our customers. Primarily focused on Agile software development techniques, you will become part of broad range of developers working together to develop high quality applications focused on customer privacy and security.

    Learn more about the software development team at Golden Frog.
     A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    As an engineer, working for Golden Frog has been the most rewarding career of my life, with amazing technical challenges to conquer and new projects always on the horizon. But even more than that, working here means working for owners who care passionately about the company and challenge us to meet their ideals, and with colleagues who are among the most skilled in the industry. -Doug, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Engineering

    To deliver great performance and to protect the privacy of our users, we believe strongly in owning and operating the network and servers. That's why our Engineering team is a broad group with a diverse set of skills. Our Network Engineers maintain and monitor our global network. Our Linux Systems Engineers and System Administrators develop, build and maintain our global server infrastructure. We maintain in house billing and database systems requiring a diverse skill set of engineers to developers and maintain those systems. All focused on providing 24x7x365 global services.

    Learn more about the engineering team at Golden Frog.
     A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    Engineering is at the core of everything we do at Golden Frog. Reliability and keeping up with the latest technologies for security and expanding the services we offer are our top priorities. Every day begins with a new challenge that keeps us all on our toes. We pull top talent from all over so the team is skilled in a large breadth of areas giving us great perspective, which is great when developing and ultimately deploying a new product or improving an existing one. -Matt, Senior Systems Engineer
  • Marketing

    Marketing at Golden Frog is fast paced, exciting and changes every day. We work with teams from Product, Billing and Database, Engineering to Support and are constantly exploring new marketing channels, strategies and tools to market our services to users in countries around the world. Our teams love data and work hard to implement campaigns with measurable results. From Pay-Per-Click Advertising, SEO, Email Automation, A/B testing, and PR, to developing engaging content, we push the limits to market cutting edge products.

    Learn more about the marketing team at Golden Frog.
    A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    Everyday is a new challenge, whether launching a new VyprVPN server in a new country or a whole new service with Cyphr, we get access to work and market great products and services we believe in. At Golden Frog, I feel the change and difference we are making for the Internet and ensuring it stays open to users globally. -Will, V.P. of Marketing
  • Design

    We believe in a great user experience and we work every day to make security and privacy easy. The Design team at Golden Frog is a big part of every step of the process here, from high-level product thinking to marketing what we build. We work with every team to solve the unique problems that come along with making online privacy and security easy to use. Whether it's sketching UX flows or prototyping a new interaction, we're responsible for creating and maintaining great design across our products and websites.

    Learn more about the design team at Golden Frog.
    A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    Golden Frog is a company that truly values good people and good ideas. As a designer, it's refreshing to be able to work for a company with an emphasis on design - this allows me to continually learn new skills and grow as a creative professional. -Andrew, Senior Designer
  • Sales

    The best part of being part of the sales team is the opportunity to speak to any company, anywhere in the world. Whether talking with small business or large scale multi-national organizations, Golden Frog has the capability to service their need. We are looking to expand our team with experienced and driven sales professionals that have worked on a global scale.

    Learn more about the sales team at Golden Frog.
    A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    I am proud to represent Golden Frog GmbH, an innovative company focused on technology that empowers people and promotes a free and open Internet. We offer intuitive, fast and reliable services with a world class team of Internet experts who believe in securing privacy, security and freedom online. The team is inspired, focused and committed. It is incredible to promote a service and establish Partnerships knowing the level of internal commitment we maintain for excellence. -Liz, Director of Sales
  • Customer Support

    Golden Frog's support representatives love technology. Our support team is expected to grow and advance within our company. Golden Frog has customers in over 200 countries that can reach us anytime, 24x7x365. Our services are provided on global networks, and we provide mobile and desktop applications. Our support team interacts with our Software Development and Engineering teams to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customers.

    Learn more about the support team at Golden Frog.
    A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    Working for Golden Frog support allows me to help customers who desire a secure and private online experience. This is something that is important to me, and with online privacy and freedom being threatened every day, I am glad I have the opportunity to be on the front line. -Nick, Technical Support Supervisor
  • Interns

    An internship at Golden Frog means access to actual projects, being a valued team member, and expectations to produce. You will face real world day to day challenges and as a result build real world skills to better yourself in the job market. Best of all, you will play an active part in helping Internet users protect their online privacy, security and freedom.

    Learn more about the intern team at Golden Frog.
    A career at Golden Frog will help you grow your skill set and expand your tech knowledge.
    From the start I was working on actual products and working with production code. While expectations were high and results were expected, the entire company was extremely inviting and helpful. Nobody was ever too busy to take a minute and let me pick his or her brain. I grew significantly as a developer during my internship and had a great time in the process. -Clay, former Intern

Perks & Benefits

Competitive compensation and an exciting work environment are not the only reasons our employees love working at Golden Frog. We offer multiple health benefits and professional perks as well.

We offer profit sharing for our employees at Golden Frog.

Profit Sharing for Everyone

Every employee receives the same percentage of profits based on how long you work at Golden Frog. You start at a percentage higher than what most companies match, and the longer you work here, the more you get!

Golden Frog offers competitive benefits for all of our employees!

Competitive Benefits

We offer health, vision and dental insurance in addition to a competitive PTO plan.

Select Golden Frog employees are able to work from home.

You Don't Have to Be Here to Work Here

For select positions we offer the option to work from home or remotely.

Golden Frog's refer-an-employee program is a great way to get a referral bonus!

Refer-An-Employee Program

Get a referral bonus for every candidate you refer that gets hired.

Lunch and Learns at Golden Frog are a great way to interact with different teams.

Lunch and Learn

Our lunch and learn sessions offer free lunch and knowledge sharing in Development, Engineering, Marketing and upcoming business strategy.

Open Positions At Golden Frog

We are Internet people hiring Internet people. We are looking for people passionate about online privacy and security that want to make a difference to make the Internet a better place.

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